Extra enhanced value of experience through Augmented Reality

We bring posters, leaflets, brochures and packaging to life with Augmented Reality, whereby we increase the value of the experience and add extra info. For this, we use our generic app VEEEW.

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wHat is veeew ? 

Augmented Reality AT ITS BEST !

This generic app allows the user to view a (printed) image via smartphone or tablet. It allows extra communication to start automatically in the app. This can take various interactive forms: video, animation, audio, interactive buttons (URL, e-mail, call, social media, etc.), a 3D view, etc. Language choices are also possible.

Videos are viewed in the user environment. A web-based content management system developed by us in-house ensures that images and interactive elements can be uploaded. Activation of the Augmented Reality occurs in real time.

Add Call-to-Action

Interactive buttons help to provide the desired call-to-action towards ordering, additional product information, filling out a survey or form, social media, mail, etc. 


The VEEEW App is developed for iOS and Android and is available for free download in the Apple Appstore or Google Play. VEEEW is a generic app. This means that all of our customers can use Augmented Reality in their printing through VEEEW. Users who download the VEEEW App on a phone or tablet can scan all images in printed materials that feature VEEEW AR and see them come to life!